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Statutory Credit Report

A statutory credit report is a one-off snapshot of your credit report and credit history. It contains financial information about you and lenders will use it to make a decision whenever you apply for credit.

You have the statutory right to access your personal credit information.

Make sure you know what is on your credit report and that prospective lenders are seeing you in the best possible light.

A Statutory Report can be useful if you just want to check your credit history as it stands today and you can ask TransUnion for a copy of this at any time. Alternatively you can get your credit report and score free for life and updated every week from Credit Karma, which gets information for its credit reports from TransUnion.

This table will help you decide which service is best for you.

TransUnion will receive a commission for each customer who signs up for Credit Karma from this page.

The statutory credit report will be presented until you close the page. If you close the page, you need to complete the form again, so print the report if needed.

Statutory report
Credit report One off report Unlimited access
Victim of fraud service
UK customer service
TransUnion Credit rating
TransUnion Credit score
A dedicated help area
Price Free Free for life
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